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Pet Owner Services

Client Services of Apple Valley Animal HospitalBehavior Counseling

Behavior problems are not uncommon in pets. At Apple Valley Animal Hospital, we begin counseling our clients about behavior when their pet is still young, so behavior problems can be recognized early and possibly prevented. If your pet is having trouble getting along with other pets or people in your home, urinates or defecates inappropriately or has issues with separation anxiety, we can help you and your pet solve these behavior problems.

Causes of behavior problems can be environmental, such as a schedule change or introduction of a new baby or pet; learned, as a result of unintentional positive reinforcement; or genetic. Furthermore, any painful disease or condition, or degenerative changes associated with aging, can cause or contribute to behavior problems. For example, a pet that is fearful of children may become more reactive, irritable and aggressive as conditions such as dental problems, arthritis or an infection make him or her more uncomfortable or less mobile. Addressing the underlying medical problem or providing pain relief along with behavior modification techniques can often resolve some of these problems.

As a service to our clients we have teamed up with a local dog training business. Inside Out Dog Training believes in using positive methods to train your dog. Click here for more information.

HomeAgain Microchipping

Each year, millions of pets go missing, and many never make it back to their homes. Implanting a microchip in your pet is a simple, painless way to avoid this tragedy. Apple Valley Animal Hospital provides HomeAgain microchips for clients seeking an extraordinarily effective way to help find their pet if he or she should become lost.

Each microchip registers the pet with a unique identification number, which is filed in a database with your contact information. The contact information can be updated anytime, and it is important to remember to do so whenever your information changes. If your pet is lost, the microchip can be scanned by animal control officers, at shelters and at veterinary hospitals in the U.S. and in many foreign countries as well.

HomeAgain membership offers additional benefits such as proactive pet recovery and free access to ASPCA Poison Control. HomeAgain also comes with a number of very useful services to pet owners such as their national pet recovery database, lost pet specialists, rapid lost pet alerts, lost pet medical insurance, travel assistance for found pets, and more.

This safe, reliable, and permanent pet identification is about the size and shape of a grain of rice and takes less than 10 seconds to implant. It can save you and your pet days, weeks, or more of fear and anguish.

Client Services of Apple Valley Animal HospitalIn-House Pharmacy

As the prescribing veterinarian for your pet's medications, we can ensure there is a direct link between the exam room and our pharmacy. This means your pet will receive the right medication, at the right dose, in the right form as quickly as possible. We can also easily guide you on the medication's use and monitor its effectiveness.

For your convenience, we maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products and heartworm preventives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry prescription diets. Ensuring you have access to a wide range of competitively priced medications and other veterinary-approved pet care products is an important aspect of our veterinary practice. Refills are easy, too. Simply make your request online or give us a call.

End-of-Life Planning

For most pet owners, thinking about their pet's final days is difficult and emotional. Our animals are a part of our family. It is this strong bond, born from years of loyal companionship and love, that makes this time particularly hard to bear.

To make this time as manageable as possible, we encourage you to speak with our veterinary healthcare team about these issues before they become an urgent matter. Find out about your options, including our crematory services, make some key decisions ahead of time, and ask us to add this information to your pet's record. Taking the time to plan, as challenging as it may be, will lessen the pain and stress for you and your pet.

We understand making that final decision is an extremely difficult, profoundly personal step. All of us at Apple Valley Animal Hospital will make every effort to accommodate your needs with compassion and sensitivity.

If you would like more information about the client services that Apple Valley Animal Hospital offers for pet owners, or to schedule an appointment at our animal hospital in Apple Valley, please call us at (760) 490-0635.

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